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For me, FSQ means knowing how to deliver consistently stellar results to produce accelerated sales performance, individually and as a team. I’ve built my career crafting and executing national, DIY, commercial, multi-channel, go-to-market brand build strategies for premium consumer and B2B commercial services and products. I generate strategic plans that deliver ahead of industry, year-over-year, top-and bottom-line results. I spent more than a decade learning and developing big company best practices, which I now apply to venture-backed start-ups.

As a start-up investor myself, I’m a roll-up-my-sleeves, get-to-know-your-business, take-it-to-the-next-level kind of executive. I understand that it takes an aligned vision to produce extraordinary results. For this reason, I pride myself on collaborating with great minds from a diverse group of industries. I like to surround myself with exceptional people and make magic happen. In short, I’m a big picture thinker who enjoys scaling businesses, brands, sales organizations, revenue, and EBITDA to help a company shine to its investors, clients, and stakeholders. Together, we’ll achieve your endgame Faster, Sooner, Quicker.


HL Innovative is a brand-build, sales, and marketing solution for manufacturers of innovative, premium products primarily in the DIY and commercial specialty paints and coatings and building materials space. Leveraging our deep industry expertise and extensive relationships, we customize full-service and a la carte programs that create and deliver a blueprint for success. This allows manufacturers to personally focus on what they do best—bringing truly exceptional products to life— while spending a fraction of the time and cost on the sales and marketing efforts necessary to achieve the results they desire.

Understanding the key drivers for success, we work to develop and launch a go-to-market plan geared towards delivering a win-win outcome for both manufacturers and channel partners. We specialize and thrive on working with superior new-to-market products that yield near-term revenue growth with a healthy margin while providing a great solution and realized value to the end customer. In all projects, we start first with identifying your end goal and moving backward to map a strategy to achieve it.


We enjoy working with passionate entrepreneurs, typically sub $20M start-ups, to launch new products or re-brand and give new life to legacy products. Whether a start-up, venture-capital start-up, or entrepreneur, we bring our expertise and leverage our relationships to provide the right branding and launch.






We Appreciate Our Clients

We share our clients’ passion for expanding their brand presence while we aggressively work to exceed their goals.